Wrapping up Assignment #1

For the next photo in Assignment #1, I wanted to try another different background technique. So I put the speedlight behind the Savage Translum background that I was using. The next photo was to illustrate how to control the refraction of light through a clear glass full of clear liquid. I thought this wine glass would look interesting. I didn't have any wine to fill it with, so I used apple cider vinegar. I only used the stripbox on the left side of the setup for these images and I kept the same black glass plate as the previous photo of the vase.

I do really like the way the background turned out with having the light behind and showing through. I got lots of interesting reflections, but didn't really get any sort of refraction. So using the example that I learned from the Photigy course, I wanted to put a black vertical strip behind the glass. Placed far enough behind the glass, the refracted light should cause the black strip to appear 'flipped'. That is, if I put the black strip behind the glass on the left side, it will appear on the right side of the glass where the light is refracting through the liquid. I don't yet have any black foamcore strips so I put that on my list. I did find a black scarf hanging in the closet though so I decided to use that. The result wasn't a perfectly crisp line like I wanted, but I got the basic effect I was looking for. Here's the setup and resulting image.

When I was editing this image, I noticed that the black scarf is actually refracted on the right side of the stem of the glass as well as in the liquid. I wasn't expecting that, but it's pretty cool.

The last part of the assignment was to illustrate texture. I was having a hard time thinking of something interesting to shoot for this one and when my daughter saw me looking around and found out what I was looking for, she offered to get something from her room. She found this journal and It ended up looking pretty neat. At first, I just used the light coming from the left, but the pages couldn't be seen and it didn't look quite right. So I turned on the light on the right side of my setup and turned the power all the way down to produce this image. In hind sight, I probably should have used a reflector on the left side and the pages would have been a little darker which was what I was going for.

About 1/2 way through shooting the images for this assignment, I realized that my camera sensor must need cleaning because there were dust blotches on all of these images that had to be removed during editing. Arghh! I'm glad I could accomplish that removal with the software I have currently, but I'm gonna have to get that sensor cleaned once the COVID-19 lockdown is over.

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